Friday, August 28, 2009

Well last friday I said goodbye to my boys! :( They decided to move to Florida with their father. I guess they seem to feel as if summer weather all year round is better than two months of summer than nothing but cold, windy, snowy weather for the other ten months out of the year, is better? You be the judge! I miss them so much already but they have been so busy in the last week...they drove cross-country, went to the beach, started a new school, and have driven a tractor. It is so strange to not have any boys fighting and yelling around the house! Its just me and Katelyn. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself? :)
Katelyn has been sick this whole started the day the boys left :( Today when she woke up she seemed so much more like herself! I am grateful to have my strong-willed daughter back (I think)! :)


  1. I bet your house is so quiet now! I bet you miss those boys like crazy, even if you don't miss their fighting and craziness. Maybe Katelyn getting sick was God's way of helping to keep you extra busy right after your boys left??!

    I wish you and Katelyn could come and visit. I miss you so much. I haven't seen you in almost three years!!! That is absolutely ridiculous, isn't it?!

    I hope you know that I think about you all the time, even though we don't talk often. You're my sister and I love you and miss you! And I can't tell you how much I am dying to meet Katelyn!!! Now Sonnie says you won't be able to come to Florida for the wedding????!! I've been banking on this chance to see you and that cute chubby faced baby doll of yours. =(((

  2. Hi Sarah! This is a couple of weeks late, hope you will forgive me. I know that you must miss the boys so much but enjoy this time with Katelyn. We all miss you so much and I TOTALLY AGREE with SUZANNE... I am dying to meet her, and see you of course :) Love you... KEEP POSTING!
    P.S. Cute background.

  3. Yes, I do remember when you cut all your hair off and donate it. Your hair is probably just as long now again, isn't it? You have the most beautiful, wonderful, thick, shiny hair on the planet (not that I'm jealous or anything).

    No, it doesn't feel weird for it to be short anymore. I expressly grew my hair out to donate. I'm not sure I can do it again because it drove me nuts! My hair is so lifeless and boring when it's long, so it really doesn't suit me.

    I MISS YOU!!!